An Important Announcement About SUA

Seattle Urban Academy is a ministry of CRISTA, a family of ministries loving God by serving people worldwide in the areas of education, international relief & development, senior living, and media. Established in 1949 in Shoreline, Wash., CRISTA has grown from a small community into a family of seven unique ministries: World ConcernChristian Veterinary MissionCRISTA MediaCRISTA CampsCRISTA Senior LivingKing’s Schools, and Seattle Urban Academy.

CRISTA began as a prayer and a hope of founder Mike Martin to create a safe place for youth to come and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Over 60 years later, CRISTA has blossomed into a family of seven ministries that love God by serving eight million people in 30 countries every year.


CRISTA’s mission is to love God by serving people – meeting practical and spiritual needs – so that those we serve will be built up in love, united in faith and maturing in Christ.


CRISTA strives to be a spiritually vital, growing community that demonstrates the love of God by serving people and drawing them into a transforming relationship with Christ.

Please visit the CRISTA Ministries website to learn more.