a smiling teacher standing in front of a laptop next to a high school student Seattle Urban Academy is a positive, alternative, educational community where high school students overcome risks and develop academic, social, and spiritual maturity to graduate to higher education and sustained employment.

Everyone at Seattle Urban Academy is committed to supporting high school students so they can graduate and move towards a future of higher education and sustained employment.

We’re more than a school – we’re a family. We value the unique qualities each person adds to our diverse community and every student, teacher, volunteer, service partner, and advocate involved in the ministry of SUA is a part of our family.

Our students are developing academically, socially, and spiritually. This is because SUA delivers student-centered, academic care to equip students for graduation and success in life.

Core Values

Spiritual and Social Growth

We grow to know and respect one another. We value the vital relationships of courageous youth and committed adults who grow in the grace, love, and power of Christ. We believe in, build up, and equip young people to contribute to the health of the greater community.

Individualized Education & Mastery Standard

We are committed to restoring students’ gaps in academic competencies. We work together to master state graduation requirements, preparing students for higher education and employment.

College & Career Development

We help SUA students identify college and career options aligned with their values, passion, and purpose. Students gain skills for higher education and the workplace, diligently preparing for entrance exams and engaging with community partners in job shadows and employment.