Our Mission

The SUA Mission

Our Mission Page image (graduation class of 2013) Seattle Urban Academy is a positive, educational community where students at risk develop academic, social, and spiritual maturity to graduate from high school and transition to higher education and sustained employment.

Seattle Urban Academy is devoted to the education and transformation of high school youth. SUA delivers academic intensive care with rigorous academic standards and practices to equip students to graduate prepared for higher education. SUA is committed to student-centered development focused on socio-emotional, spiritual, academic, and career growth. SUA is committed to graduating whole and healthy young men and women with the academic mastery to further their education at a higher level and secure meaningful employment.

Our vision is being fulfilled. Seattle Urban Academy graduates are completing higher education and are active contributors to the intellectual, social, spiritual, and economic health of our community. They are living out the hope and love of transformed lives.

SUA Achieves Its Goals as a Family

More than a school, SUA is a family. We value the unique qualities each adds to our diverse community. Every student, family member, staff, volunteer, donor, service partner and advocate that has been a part of Seattle Urban Academy will "always be part of the SUA family!"

We're committed to:

  • Spiritual health - Identity, passion and purpose. We value the vital relationships of courageous youth and committed adults who grow in the grace, love and power of Christ. We believe in, build up and equip young people to contribute to the health of the greater community.   
  • Academic intensive care and mastery standard – We're committed to make gains and reconcile the 1-7 year academic gaps in academic competencies. We work together to master Washington State graduation requirements prepared for higher education and employment.
  • Social growth and maturity – We grow to know and trust one another. We share each other's joys and pain. We care deeply and speak truth in love. We are committed to address the multiple risks in each student's life and engage resources to grow in health and positive adult outcomes. Together we serve our community.
  • College guidance – Many students are the first in their families to graduate to higher education. Students research and visit post-secondary campuses. Students are diligent to prepare for entrance exams, gain scholarships and admission to higher education.
  • Career development – SUA students identify career options aligned with their values, passion and purpose. Students gain skills for the workplace and engage with community partners in career fairs, job shadows, internships and employment.
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