COVID-19 Update (March 30, 2020): As a preventative measure, we have closed the campus academic program for the time being, and students will continue their academic work offsite. Our administrative and admissions offices are available by phone and email, Monday-Friday 7:30am-3:30pm. Administrative Office: 206-723-0333,; Admissions Office: 206-539-2280,

We’re a dynamic school where courageous youth and committed staff and supporters work together to build an extraordinary educational community. We’re a community that’s knit together by the grace and power of God. Seattle Urban Academy (SUA) is committed to the education and transformation of youth at risk to young adults with hope.

We are a community that stands against the past voices and current harm that leave our youth without hope of graduating.  We are a community of faith that stands with our youth until each crosses that stage at graduation surrounded by the SUA family that loves and celebrates each one’s God-given strengths and personalities.

Seattle Urban Academy is privileged to journey with our students and to send them out into the world with vision and purpose, equipped for higher education and employment to serve our community with hope and love.

Sharon Okamoto, 
Executive Director & Principal, Seattle Urban Academy