An Important Announcement About SUA

Dear Community Partners and SUA Donors,

Thank you for your gifts and ongoing support to Seattle Urban Academy. You have made an impact on hundreds of students and their families. Because of your generosity, young men and women have graduated from high school with a strong academic foundation and gone on to further education and employment. We are so grateful for you.

It is with a heavy heart that I bring this news to you today. After much prayer and extensive exploration of possible pathways forward, the Board of Trustees and CRISTA have made the difficult decision to cease operations at SUA at the end of this school year.

For nearly twenty-seven years, CRISTA has been able to make a significant investment in the student experience at SUA alongside the investment made by you, our donors. The student experience at SUA has been impactful under the guidance of the school’s Executive Director and Principal, Sharon Okamoto, and her committed team of teachers and staff.

Seattle Urban Academy is 99% donor-funded, and the impact of COVID 19 has been crushing. Across all seven CRISTA Ministries, we have reduced as many financial obligations as possible to try and identify a financially sustainable way forward for SUA. It is very humbling to be confronted with the reality that CRISTA itself cannot overcome this funding challenge and thus will not be able to continue leading SUA after this academic year concludes.

We are hopeful that SUA can continue under the leadership of another organization and ask that you pray with us for this. As potential options are explored, SUA staff will continue to focus on a strong finish to the current academic year for our students.

We ask you to pray with us – for our teachers, staff, students, families and donors as they process this news. We ask for prayer for wisdom, creativity, and collaboration as we assess various ways to support a transfer to a new ministry organization for SUA.

Together in prayer,

Jacinta Tegman
CEO of CRISTA Ministries