Patricia only shrugged when our Student Development Coordinator Mr. McIntosh spoke with her about coming to SUA.

But she agreed to take the tour, and as they entered the chapel, Mr. McIntosh was inspired to tell the reluctant prospective student:

“I personally don’t think God wastes time. I don’t think He’s wasting your time. He’s brought you here, to a place He has provided specifically for students like you — so what if He is asking you to just think about enrolling here?”

To his amazement and delight, he got an actual answer from Patricia:

“OK. Let’s do it.”

And today, by His grace, she is studying here at SUA, learning and growing in her academics, her walk with God, her relationships with others, and so much more!

Thank you for helping to make this possible, through your prayers and generosity. Your gifts of love mean the young people here are thriving, just like Patricia. And right now, at year’s end, is an important time to give.

December 31 is the deadline for 2019 contributions, to help us expand to serving 42 students. Each one will represent a changed life — each one given hope, each one given a brighter future.

Just $32 provides one hour of caring, personalized education for a student like Patricia. How many will you help today? Please pray, then respond with your best online donation.

Gifts must be processed by December 31 to apply to this year’s taxes. Please don’t wait! Thank you!