“When I’m ready to give up, Ms. B. helps me out. And now Mrs. J., she is a sweet, loving person — she can be feisty at times, but that’s just who she is. Dr. A is so amazing, because she hears me out. Mr. M’s influence is especially important — he helps me out when I’m struggling with math.”


By God’s grace and through the generous support of a friend like you, Samantha no longer wants to just “give up” on school and her future …

In fact, she’s in a great place now: this freshman is one of our top students, with a 3.95 GPA! She works hard, has learned new study habits, and finds her teachers to be wonderful resources and encouragers.

It’s beautiful to see this change in Samantha — the young woman who was planning to drop out of school because she really didn’t see any point in it. Now she is growing academically — and spiritually too!

This is YOUR impact … the difference YOU make, when you give to help students like Samantha attend SUA!

The kind of personalized instruction we provide — you can see the impact in Samantha’s respect and appreciation for her teachers — comes at a cost of about $32 per hour, per student. And we’re able to provide it because of the love and support of partners like you.

Please help more students like Samantha discover new and life-transforming hope for their future, by providing them with the academic and spiritual intensive care they need!