Can’t make it to Miracle Event 2020? You can impact the lives of our students.

Your gift pulls back the veil for SUA students, allowing them to see new possibilities for their future, opportunities for success, and rich relationships with others and the Lord. The impact of this is life changing!

Because of your gift to SUA, students receive intensive academic and spiritual care. They attend high school in a safe environment with small class sizes and individualized curriculum. Our teachers and staff invest in each student, inspiring them to be their best self and grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Success looks like graduation from high school, pursuing further education at college, and landing a job they excel in. It also looks like healthy friendships that last, self-esteem that brings hope for a bright future, and a relationship with Jesus Christ that extends into eternity.

Become a life changer today and give to SUA!