I know you have a heart for the students of the Seattle Urban Academy. The new school year begins in less than 30 days and we pray you can help to get our new facility ready for students like Brandon.

Brandon had been to 11 schools before coming to SUA. Bouncing around, he had to start over at every school. For classes, for friendships, and for the supplies he needed.

But when Brandon came to SUA, he was greeted in a space where he had everything he needed to succeed — thanks to generous people like you!

This is our first year in our new building and there is much to be done to prepare for the first day of school. Classrooms to fill, a kitchen to stock, and school supplies to purchase. Our school needs you!

Will you say yes and help SUA be ready for the first day of school on September 3?

Your generous gift today will help provide the equipment and supplies students like Brandon need to have stability and gain confidence to graduate high school.

Just imagine a student like Brandon walking through the doors of SUA and seeing fully furnished classrooms and everything he needs to succeed — all because you gave!