While so many things in our nation and world are slowing down and shutting down right now, your excellent ministry through Seattle Urban Academy continues stronger than ever!

Your gift today will make it possible for us to continue delivering our strong, quality education via virtual learning.

We believe that every student in Seattle should have access to a positive, educational community where they can overcome risks and succeed in life. We are not wavering from that mission, even in this time of global uncertainty.

It costs about $32 per hour, per student to provide them with the academic and spiritual intensive care they need. And now, in these unusual days, this $32 per hour also empowers virtual learning …

  • WIFI/Data resources for homes without Internet access.
  • Necessary school support and supplies for at-home instruction, including , technology training, laptops, art supplies, Science lab kits and more.
  • Virtual classes PLUS additional time for one-on-one instruction between student and teacher to meet academic standards.

Please stand with us today, as God leads you, to further their success and help them thrive!