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  1. I understand that in my role I will or may have unsupervised access to children, juveniles or vulnerable adults. (RCW 43.43.830) Accordingly, CRISTA Ministries conducts background checks (criminal and financial) in accordance with Washington state law, through various agencies including, but not limited to, the Department of Social & Health Services, the Washington State Patrol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Trak-1 (multi-state), for its employees, volunteers, and contractors.
  2. In consideration for my future or continued employment, volunteer opportunity, or contractual relationship with CRISTA Ministries, I agree to submit to CRISTA’s investigative background inquiry. This inquiry may include criminal history information as indicated above, motor vehicle reports, financial information, social security number verification and other federal and local reports from Washington and other states where I may have resided. If my role requires unsupervised access to children and I have resided in Washington State for less than 3 years, I understand State Patrol/FBI fingerprint checking may also be required.
  3. I understand that before I am denied consideration for future or continued employment, volunteerism, or contracted services based on the investigation results, I will be provided a copy of the report (under the Fair Credit Reporting Act), along with an opportunity to dispute its findings or otherwise address the information contained therein within three (3) business days of receipt. If my relationship to CRISTA is contractual, a copy of my report may also be given to my employer, if other than CRISTA. Information obtained will remain confidential on a need-to-know basis, and be available only to those performing the background investigation or making employment related decisions.